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Christina & Mike
December 2, 2014

“Paul is AMAZING! My husband and I are first-time home buyers who just relocated to Houston. Paul helped us navigate this overwhelming process remotely from LA. My in-laws (experienced home buyers) also flew in for our house-hunting trip to ensure we didn’t miss a deal-breaking home defect and (b) we weren’t guided or bullied into a purchase that was less than ideal. After a day of watching Paul in action, they both decided to stay at the hotel and play with our son on the second day because they were so impressed with his knowledge and candid evaluations of homes.

Paul’s background in construction was an incredible benefit for finding problematic issues with some of the homes on our list: sagging beams, shoddy workmanship, corners cut- things we would have never known or noticed. One of the homes was, on paper, everything we “should” have wanted, but Paul immediately dropped it from the list when I indicated that something about it bothered me. And, when we finally walked into the home we eventually purchased, Paul helped us confirm that we had made the best decision by having inspectors lined up for the following day (since we had to move quickly given our long-distance purchase).

Paul really went the extra mile for us – from spot on price-negotiating strategies, to picking up my brother-in-law to do the final home inspection, to dropping off a toy my son had left behind, to helping enforce contract points that were neglected after closing. We have been in our house for a few weeks now, and I absolutely LOVE it. I definitely will recommend Paul with confidence to anyone looking to purchase a house in Houston.”

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