September Madness – A look at the current market

After a long break of writing market reports due to work, life, loss and more life, I’m back. Of all the market reports I have written the last 18 years, this by far is the hardest. We are all familiar with the term March Madness so I am nicknaming this report September Madness. The reason this report is so complicated … Read More

Houston Housing Market Bubble or Business As Usual

What To Look For In The Houston Housing Market There is no doubt that we have two distinct Houston housing markets colliding at the end of 2015. The first is the amazing market filled with multiple over list price offers that sellers remember from 2014. The second market is filled with present day buyers who heard the stories of friends … Read More

2015 Houston Housing Market – A Houston Realtor Perspective

January is the recognized month of the year for all of the real estate gurus to publish their forecast for the Houston housing market in the year to come. After carefully reading a few forecasts, I noticed some were based on fact while some seem to come from a crystal ball. So in response, here is my forecast of the … Read More