When a Discount Isn’t A Discount

Most people associate the word “discount” with a reduction in price. Webster’s actually defines it as, “a reduction made from the gross amount or value of something”. It’s no surprise that selling a home for a discounted rate seems so attractive. Unfortunately, many of the discount programs we see advertised are quite the opposite – they actually end up paying … Read More

Using Social Media in Real Estate

When we think of effective uses for social media in real estate, we often think of agents posting their listings or clients posting the homes they sell or buy. While these activities are useful celebrations or promotions, social media can also be used to learn about the parties in a transaction and also unknown property information.  So what you might infer … Read More

Selling Your Home In A Softening Houston Housing Market

Let me first say that it is still a wonderful time to sell a home in Houston. When we look at the appreciation rate the last couple of years, there is a really strong chance that you will make a nice profit selling your home. While it is still common to see reports claiming the market is still on fire, … Read More

Choosing a Houston Realtor

There are many things that a consumer needs to know before hiring a Realtor to represent them. There are many factors to look at when making this important decision. Most often, there are qualities to look for in a Realtor other than who has the most signs in the area. Here are a few things to consider as well as … Read More

Hire a Martha Turner Realtor – How it Benefits You

I am often asked why should a buyer or seller hire a Martha Turner Realtor – ok, let’s revise that now to Martha Turner Sotheby’s International Realtor since we were acquired in January. There are a lot of ways to answer this question but I think it starts with looking at the basic value proposition of any Houston Real Estate company … Read More

Inspections 101

Congratulations, your Realtor called to let you know your offer has been accepted. After the celebration, panic sets in when it is time to schedule your home inspection. While most people choose their inspector based on a referral from a friend or their Realtor, there is more that goes into the selecting who will inspect your largest investment. Not only … Read More

Houston Realtor Paul Silverman Achieves Certified Home Marketing Specialist Designation

Amid national attention to the real estate market, real estate professional Paul Silverman of Martha Turner Properties acquired new skills to decrease market time and maximize selling prices. Eager to develop a new approach for timely, efficient home sales, Silverman completed the nationally renowned Certified Home Marketing Specialist Course created by Martha Webb. Addressing in-depth market analysis, strategic pricing and effective home staging, the Certified … Read More

Sellers Series Video Intro

Selling your home can be a stressful process. In this video series, Houston Realtor Paul Silverman helps explain the steps to selling your home and what to expect.

What a Houston Home Marketing Specialist Can Do

All certifications are not equal, but when a Houston realtor gets certified by completing the Home Marketing Specialist Course created by Martha Webb, they must be serious about serving sellers with great skill. What makes the course stand out? Well, it is nationally recognized. It covers every skill needed in Houston home selling. It taps on the data in Ms. Webb’s … Read More

What Goes into Marketing a Houston Home

Did you ever wonder about everything that goes into marketing a home? It’s a complex process that can seem daunting. It merits skill, coordination and a keen knowledge of the market. If you are a Houston home seller, don’t settle for anything less than an expert in the Houston real estate market. Let’s have a look at what goes into … Read More